Magento Certifications
Magento Business Solution Partner Certificate
Developer Certifications
Server-side professionalization of Magento - building modules and adding features.
Developer Certifications
A certification identical to Developer, with the addition of a specialization in Magento Enterprise
Developer Certifications
Development Magento templates client-side: HTML, CSS, JS
Developer Certifications
Adjusting systems options to business goals.

Google Certifications

Additional Certifications

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Customized Online Store

Customization of Online Stores allows us to develop a content management system tailor-made for your specific needs.

The store will be characterized by browsing interface gives unique user experience with search engine tailored infrastructure that will provide organic promotion for the website, user-friendly and effective inventory system management as well as customers system management built in accordance with your business specificity,  detailed monitoring of customers traffic, advanced settlements options and more.

Our team consists of e-commerce websites engineers, programmers, designers, marketing specialists and content writers whose aim is to create an online store which will fit all your requirements and needs. We will be happy to fulfill your personal vision of business you've always wanted.
We developed an online store for you?  Excellent! Want everyone to know about the store  and the products offered there?

PPC-campaignsSocial Networks Management, Creative Guidance, Consulting on Business Marketing Strategy 
Customized Online Store
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