Why Woocommerce?

icon A Variety of Templates

WordPress offers a huge selection of design templates, built by the best designers in the world - allowing you to easily find the right template for your business, saving you time and resources on design and development.

icon User-Friendly Payment

With various plug-ins, the system can connect to over 100 clearing systems around the world, including Pelecard, Tranzilla, PayPal, Amazon and many more.  Free of complex development, your customers will enjoy convenient and swift payment processes.

icon Powerful Management System

Simplicity and efficiency is the name of the game. No need to be highly experienced; you can easily create and edit your own store content and manage it through an intuitive and user-friendly management system with not much of a fuss about it. 

icon Inventory Management

Smart and simple inventory management with no need to synchronize with external inventory systems, making keeping track of inventory a piece of cake.

icon Modularity

WooCommerce has tens of thousands of plug-ins, designed to improve your store's capabilities, management options and performance - allowing you to find relatively simple solutions to any of your business needs.

icon Reports

Keep fluent track of your business’ performance and run your store wisely. Revenue, reviews, and sales data are a small part of the reports you can easily generate in your management system to get a broad picture of your business.

Why Girit?

icon We are experienced. Simple as that.

With years of experience, Girit’s fundamental goal was leading growth and development processes in businesses, using digital tools and based on statistical data. In recent years, Girit has expanded the scope of its knowledge and areas of activity, and has begun to specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for virtual stores in Israel and around the world. As a result, Girit has extensive experience working with e-Commerce sites in all the stages of web development - from characterization, to design and development; from marketing, to analysis and ongoing support.

icon Think Marketing, Do Development

Girit has three main teams: Marketing, Design and Development. Our marketing team accompanies Girit’s clients starting from initial consultation to the final and precise site featuring, creating a site to fit your brand.
The next step adds in additional team professionals, accompanying the marketing team throughout the process of setting up your online store, adding together all possible factors to establish your smooth running, profitable online business.
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icon Complex Integrations

E-Commerce sites often require complex integration of external systems such as ERP and CRM systems, to properly manage and synchronize between business resources. Girit’s development team specializes in synchronizing these systems to e-Commerce stores efficiently - from the early synchronization stage to the achievement of the desired integration between all systems.

icon Development runs while marketing has engines going...

While our developing team gets to work, Girit has a team of eCommerce strategists, analysts, and marketing experts warming up. With the completion of website development, our marketing team will start working on a strategic plan for you, including precise marketing channels fit to your target audience and will perform the recommended marketing activities. At the same time, the team will perform an in-depth statistical analysis on your site in order to improve the user journey, including UX and its conversion rate (CRO).

Our Clients