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This service level agreement provides our eCommerce clients with ongoing support services that ensure their website is running smooth and secure, including project management, performance maintenance, website management support and development on demand.
We believe that the recipe to a successful project over time is to always keep a finger on the pulse, in a way that leaves eCommerce business owners’ minds at ease and free to run their business. The SLA enables so, by providing a broad infrastructure for creating immediate, innovative, and effective solutions for your website’s every need.

icon What does the SLA include?

The services provided through the SLA are diverse and vary by the type of business. Some of SLA’s usual tasks include: monitoring of the site’s activities, immediate response to it’s failures, providing support in case of emergencies, responsibility for the site’s servers and security, implementation of updates to the site’s platform, updating and uploading complex content, and more.

icon Fits like a Glove!

SLA services are perfect for any digital store that seeks accessible, professional solutions for the various everyday needs. SLA provides professional knowledge in essential areas such as, management systems, site security, servers, complex code, management of sensitive information and the list goes on.
At Girit, we will tailor the perfect SLA for according to the business’ needs, the platform on which it is built, browser data, the brand and ongoing market activity.

icon What Do We Have to Offer?

We, at Girit, offer our clients a comprehensive package of services, customized to ensure that a site is running at a high performance to achieve business goals. Various professionals – front-end and back-end developers, designers, and digital marketing experts – will be there for you, providing a strong professional framework and ensuring effectiveness in various areas. As part of the ongoing monitoring and optimization of your site’s operations, you can choose the support package that best fits your business scope and budget.

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