Managing Stores on External Websites

The internet is huge!

Even if a business owner is interested in selling just in Israel, he must spread across a wide range of websites, when each one requires that time be spent on adding items and prices, alongside tracking each and every purchase.

This entails accessing many sites and simultaneous management of orders, making running a business a near impossibility.

Indeed, in addition to their main website, many e-commerce website owners own accounts on direct sales websites, such as eBay and Amazon, along with Israeli price comparison websites such as Zap and Kamaze. As a result, managing your business becomes both burdensome and cumbersome.

With Magento’s advanced system, you won’t need to expend all your energy on managing numerous platforms.

We know how to create and make use of different types of extensions for working with external websites.

The system presents the business owner with his full available inventory across the web, simply and quickly. The system saves time and valuable resources, increasing the profit line at the end of the day. 
Managing Stores on External Websites
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