Marketing Tools and Promotions

Today, there are many e-commerce websites, all of them competing over the same potential customers.

Since attracting users to a website is not as easy as it was in the past, creative actions and use of advanced marketing tools are required in order to reach customers, win primacy and lead to purchases.

The Magento system leads the field with a wide range of tools which assist in building and managing marketing and promotion strategies.

In order to improve the purchasing process, use can be made of the built-in mailing system, the personally customizable coupon system, customer service forms as well as other features which can be added.

In addition, the system allows for interfacing with other online sales systems, such as eBay or Amazon, and even existing systems in stores, thus significantly improving the sales data on the website and in the physical store.

Whether you make use of an external marketing firm or do the work yourselves, you will need quality, up-to-date information on your purchasing clients.

This is exactly why Magento knows to collect and segment many different data points, helping the business owner perform effective and focused marketing and promotions.

Using Magento, you can build an effective, focused and professional campaign, gain primacy in search results and enjoy high conversion rates.

Due to these advantages, and many others, the Magento system holds a market share of over 30% of all e-commerce websites. 
Marketing Tools and Promotions
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