Magento User Interface

At Girit Interactive, we understand the importance of a comfortable and friendly user interface, which makes it easier for the customers to navigate the website and quickly find what they need.

We make various adaptations to the Magento system in order to make the purchasing process pleasant and simple, making users want to add more items to their shopping cart!

When a customer signs up to the website and makes a purchase, there is a high probability that they will make another purchase, if the website was comfortable to use and the product arrived at its destination in one piece.

For this reason, the Magento system allows you to perform different actions on the site in order to simplify the purchasing process and maintain the purchaser’s privacy, therefore encouraging further purchases on the website.

The Magento system can save many details regarding your customer in anticipation of the next purchase. For instance, residence details and shipping address can be saved alongside the purchasing history and preferred items, and even charge details, if you should want it.

In order to make the purchasing process safer and more trustworthy, we integrate into the site’s interface a wide range of extensions which provide additional information to the customer, such as product rating based on quality, user reviews and the ability to add a personal opinion on the product.

In addition, with the advance of technology, there has come a demand for responsive websites which adapt themselves to different sized screens.

The need for responsive design becomes even more important in e-commerce websites, as the competition in mobile e-commerce is more sparse, and potential buyers, who are usually on the roads or waiting in lines, need a simple and effective purchasing process.

Magento allows for adapting your website to mobile and other platforms, in order to maintain maximum comfort and user experience.
Magento User Interface
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