Magento Product Management

Magento’s e-commerce system knows how to handle a wide range of stores, categories and products. The ability to dynamically manage products makes managing stock significantly easier and provides flexibility in presenting products to the user.

So, for instance, items can be presented according to hour, user properties and other criteria.

Customers can even be segmented and discounts presented to groups of subscribers, or allow input of discount coupon codes.

Magento allows for interfacing between the website’s system and your physical store’s inventory system, which will help you present up-to-date data online and in the store itself.

All products in the system are arranged in a manner which allows for quick export of reports to excel for tax purposes or in order to track various business performance variables.

Cross-section reports with information regarding products sold and purchaser details and other statistical data can be exported, in order to draw conclusions and make appropriate strategic changes.

In summary, the Magento product management tool makes managing your e-commerce website simpler and easier than ever before, despite the large number of available options, which is why it’s no wonder that Magento is becoming the most popular e-commerce system in use today. 
Magento Product Management
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