Magento Customer Management

Unlike a physical store, an e-commerce website is open at all hours of the day and is always accessible, which is why it’s crucially important to know your customers and manage them wisely, so you can maintain your website’s high performance and answer the users’ needs.

Customer management is exemplified by long lists of users, each with their own unique properties, such as purchase history and a complex personal taste. In addition, each user has different times wherein their involvement with the website increases, while his needs change according to time and season.

So, what do you do in order to provide your customers with better service?

The Magento system lets you split the users into groups and segments, according to language, geographical region or other demographic data.

In addition, users can be segmented according to interests and purchasing history, in order to encourage repeat purchases and maintain a steady base of customers.

Using Magento allows for creation of membership clubs or creating coupons according to customer type, in order to build loyalty and increase the number of items in the user’s shopping cart.

Other options in the system include maintaining personal contact with customers on a steady basis, using an advanced mailing network and various social extensions.

The customer management tool significantly streamlines the process, and is one of the headlines of the Magento system.

Today you can find examples of many companies who are leaders in their field, such as iDigital and Lee Cooper, who use Magento and even interface Magento with the POS payment systems in their physical stores.
Magento Customer Management
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