Magento Business Intelligence

Managing a digital business is not as easy as it sounds, and in order to make decisions, various considerations are made, which are based on how users have behaved on your website.

Every decision is made after viewing data and statistics that the site’s system collects regarding site traffic.

Several of the e-commerce systems do allow presentation of data, but their options are limited, which is why many decisions reached are not based on real information.

With Magento, the website collects accurate and relevant information on the entire purchasing process on the website and the manner in which the users behave – which allows the business owner to identify problems and opportunities and provide appropriate responses accordingly.

The gathered data is presented in the form of reports, and how they are presented can be controlled. For instance, data can be segmented to create user groups for comparison.

The reports are mainly presented with computerized graphics which demonstrate users’ traffic, average time on site, purchases status, leading products, expected profits and more.

These data are presented in a visual and aesthetically pleasing manner which allows for efficient drawing of conclusions and quick reactions in real time.

Using these tools does require some knowledge on behalf of the website manager, but this can be easily learned, and can interface with other additional platforms, including Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools.

A cross section of statistical data from various systems can greatly improve your business’ performance and is worth a great deal.
Magento Business Intelligence
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