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Magento Support

Magento Support

Like any website, Magento requires continuous maintenance. The service's goal is to provide complete peace of mind to the website's owners and to keep the store updated and fresh. The secret recipe for a successful project is to constantly track website performance and gather data in order to always be improving. Our services include an array of solutions to provide you with a frictionless experience running your Magento store.

What's included in the support packages?

-Continuous maintenance and server monitoring
-Failure recognition and immediate handling
-Magento system updates
-Server security
-Content updates
-Admin panel onboarding training

Why do I need support?

-Complex Code
Magento is built in a modular, irregular way. To develop and maintain sites on the platform, you need certified professionals who know how to navigate the code.

The platform's impressive capabilities come with a price. Integrations and extensions may cause more bugs and issues than a regular non-commerce website or an eCommerce website running on a less potent platform.

-Sensitive Information
It's important to remember that eCommerce websites owners are exposing sensitive information such as stock, product prices and customer data. This requires a serious attitude towards security.

-System Updates
Magento releases frequent updates to take care of security issues and performance enhancement. It's essential to keep your store up to date.

Marketing Included

Girit offers expanded SLA packages, including CRO services. With this package, you will get a monthly report on user behavior analysis that points out issues and suggests actionable steps towards increasing sales.
Once you have the report, you can use our development services to implement desired changes.