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Magento Strategy

Online Strategy

eCommerce websites always require thorough briefing and strategic planning. Magento in particular, requires comprehensive understanding to formulate a plan that meets business objectives and technological capabilities.

Magento offers a wide array of capabilities to manage an online store, such as, integration to external solutions, upselling, multi-store management and customer segmentation. The many capabilities may cause loss of focus on what really matters and here, we guide our clients through making the right decisions beginning at the planning and briefing stage.

Offline Strategy

Before diving into planning a site, our strategy team studies your business from many aspects; profit models, competitive advantages, branding, products, market etc., to compose a business strategy on a macro level. After the initial analysis, we plan the proper digital solutions to implement on a micro level.

Strategic planning is the stage to define clear KPIs and goals before choosing the right method of achieving them. The plan will include step-by-step guidelines to achieve the goals through the right channels, using creative advertising techniques.


Ongoing Support

We offer SLA (Service-Level Agreement) packages that include strategic guidance. Our support packages include monthly guidelines that hold potential in increasing the efficiency of your online activity, to help you decide what's best for your business.  

Data-Driven Advertising

One of the greatest advantages of running an eCommerce website over a brick-and-mortar store, is the ability to base decisions on actual user behavior instead of on assumptions. We believe that deep user behavior analysis has the capability of providing actionable insight to every step of a purchase flow, beginning from the moment a potential client lands at your site, down to the checkout.