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Magento Marketing

Magento Marketing

As eCommerce grows more and more popular, new ways of marketing to your target audience are continually becoming available. The two main ways market online are: setting up targeted eCommerce campaigns on various advertising platforms, and connecting Magento to marketing solutions for easy synchronization.

Product campaigns on Google

Google offers different marketing platforms on which you can advertise your products,. One of these is Google Shopping, which presents a product photo and price based on the search query of the user. Another option is Dynamic Search Ads. This displays text ads of your products based on the user's search query. Google also offers many other services.

Social media marketing

Facebook, the leading social network in the world, offers different types of campaigns to serve every purpose. Both on Facebook and on other social media platforms, you have a plethora of options for selling your product. Some options include: carousel ads that lets users slide through a number of products, Instagram ads for products that sell visually, and many other social media marketing techniques, based on your audience and goals.


Correct management of customer data can provide you with a rich mailing list that you can use to increase sales. This ranges from a simple newsletter with information about the latest sale to a personal newsletter based on the customer's segment. You can also choose to send the newsletter only to the users who added an item to their shopping cart but didn't finish the purchase process.


Using platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy can bring traffic to your website and drive up sales. Magento allows easy integration to Marketplaces with the use of extensions. You can also connect Magento to various price comparison websites.

eCommerce SEO

There are many ways for eCommerce websites to use inbound marketing to optimize search engine rankings for specific products. Good eCommerce SEO will display relevant products and descriptions based on the user's search queries.


Connect your eCommerce store to partners with successful websites, blogs, or social media influencers and you will gather customers, piggybacking off of your partners' success.

Magento Marketing Extensions

The Magento Marketplace offers many extensions that will help you market your website.

SEO Extensions

There are many extensions to help your website's SEO by making URLs Google-friendly, performing on-site optimization, and increasing your site speed .

Email Marketing Extensions

These extensions manage your customer data and send relevant emails based on your marketing needs. These emails can target customers who added products to cart and haven't finished the purchase, customers who requested an update when a product is back in stock, sale announcements, etc.

Social Media Extensions

These extensions connect your website and the user's social media profiles, both shortening the purchase flow and allowing them to share a product they loved.

Google Shopping Integration

There are Google Shopping campaigns that require a lot of manual work to import your products to Google's catalog. Magento offers extensions that automate the process, exporting the products from you website into a Google-friendly file that can be imported.

Affiliate Programs

Magento offers extensions that manage affiliate marketing programs, fellow affiliate marketers, and rewards - all through the familiar admin panel.