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Magento Analysis

Why should I analyze?

One of the biggest advantages of an online business over a brick-and-mortar store is the ability to measure everything, analyze the data and collect actionable insights based on real user behavior instead of assumptions and estimates.

Magento analysis

What does this have to do with Magento?

The need to analyze rises as the platform gets more complex.
Magento offers a huge amount of advanced tools to manage your store such as promotions, multi-store management and customer segmentation.
With those powerful tools comes the danger that you will lose focus on what's important. This is where behavior analysis comes into play. Continuous data analysis gives you insights into how particular changes make an impact on sales and engagement.

When should we analyze?

Whether you're building a new eCommerce store or running an existing store, behavior analysis is always relevant.
-New website development
The key to creating a successful website is building it based on data collected from the existing one. A new store should emphasize existing strengths and minimize recognized leaks and weaknesses.
-Analysing an existing website
To increase the revenue of your current website, a deep analysis of user behavior and website performance is required. After the collecting the data, we need to craft an actionable plan and effectively implement the desired changes into the website. Before analyzing an existing website, you need to define a KPI to improve- increasing sales, customer value, engagement, conversion rates, etc.
We use advanced behavior analysis tools to generate a clear picture of how users interact with your website. Magento helps drastically by offering a wide array of extensions that assist in the implementation of the tools.
Some of the tools we use are:
Google Analytics
Yandex Metrica
Google Tag Manager

What do we offer?

Girit offers CRO packages designed to match your business needs.
In the CRO package, you will receive monthly reports about your website's performance on various devices, page loading speeds, checkout processes, user demographics, etc.

Magento Analysis

Custom Design Solutions

Girit offers CRO packages to Magento sites, and adapts them to the needs of your brand. As part of the CRO service, you will receive reports analyzing your site's performance, levels of surfing activity on various devices, effectiveness of the purchase process, leading products and categories, leading traffic channels, sales times, customer profiles and more.

Always By Your Side

In addition to baseline CRO services, Girit offers an extended support package (SLA) that includes additional CRO services. In this package, you will receive a monthly statistical report indicating problems that your site may be having, in order to handle them and increase revenue from your site. You will also be able to use our development services to implement the required changes.