Magento Certifications
Magento Business Solution Partner Certificate
Developer Certifications
Server-side professionalization of Magento - building modules and adding features.
Developer Certifications
A certification identical to Developer, with the addition of a specialization in Magento Enterprise
Developer Certifications
Development Magento templates client-side: HTML, CSS, JS
Developer Certifications
Adjusting systems options to business goals.

Google Certifications

Additional Certifications

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Why Girit?

Qualified and Certified

Magento offers 4 different certifications for developers who seek a deep understanding of the platform’s architecture. The certificate is earned by passing an exam on the various steps of Magento development. Girit's developers possess 8 certificates, making agency the most certified in the country.
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Marketing-Driven Development

At Girit, 3 talented teams unite to make your business run smoothly: Marketing, Design, and Development. Our talented marketing team contains a line of experienced professionals who know the various Magento development options that can suit your website, to maximize sales through various core modifications and plugins. We also make sure to keep the client informed throughout the process, from the first consulting meeting to the final website brief. Once the brief is ready, the Marketing team guides our professionals about development continuation of your Magento website. Working together, we ensure that your website is not only running, but selling well.

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The World is Within our Reach

Along with our sister company located in Taiwan, Girit has the pleasure of working with international clients such as HTC, SodaStream, and National Geographic on a variety of Magento solutions. Thanks to the broad experience gained through international projects, we put our knowledge to good use and help local companies reach out to their target international markets.   

The Right Fit for You

Many brands struggle aligning a business strategy that can be suitable for technological solutions. Our Magento developers are experienced in customizing solutions, tailor-made to your eCommerce website. To our developers, the sky's the limit when it comes to building custom extensions, ERP/CRM integration, custom-made templates, system updates, and more, all to better your business.

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A Strategy to Warm up the Process

Alongside the development team, Girit has a winning team of Strategy, Data Analysis, and Marketing professionals, who specialize in optimizing e-Commerce sites. Once the website is up and running, the Marketing team will provide you with a plan that charts marketing channels, target audiences, and an in-depth data-driven analysis of your current website. This plan is guaranteed to help you increase engagement, user experience, and conversion rates to boost your sales.p.

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Magento 2 - the Real Deal

The newest version to Magento presents owners with the newest e-Commerce capabilities. Besides it's improved, user-friendly admin panel, Magento 2's boosted performance is very impressive, with a 25% faster page-loading time and a 52% improvement when adding items to a cart. Girit has everything it takes to build websites using the newest version and update Magento stores, while migrating all data.
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