Facebook Advertising

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, has more than one billion active users. It’s a great way of reaching users and market products by various targeting tools.


A variety of active users

Facebook has one billion active users worldwide, holding different demographics and interests – through Facebook, anyone is at reach


Goal-based optimization

On Facebook, we efficiently target for campaigns, directing optimization, determining which way is best to go: exposure, clicks, sales, business page labels, app installs, or site inquiries


High surfing frequency

Facebook surfing tendency is on a daily basis and often involves logging in multiple times a day. This assures a large time slot for reaching a targeted audience


Affordable investment

Advertising on Facebook is significantly economic, considering Facebook’s amazing options and capabilities


Smooth surfing

Surfing on Facebook usually happens during free time, when visitors are likely to check out advertisements that have more to do with leisure - fashion, cars, education, camping, and other hobbies. Then it’s time to jump in on the opportunity to send out offers and expose a brand


How can we target the right audience?


Demographic characteristics

Age, gender, language, place of residence, and family status



Students or people with specific education


Profession or position

Job position, field of business, general occupations, or a specific place of work


Mailing List

E-mail addresses of existing clients


Hobbies and interests

Areas of interest and areas that customers are on the lookout for



Customers who have visited and / or performed a specific action on the site before

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