Why choose Google Optimize?

The world of e-commerce is a fairly new and fascinating business. The internet is now the primary method of reaching your consumer base. While reaching your customers may seem very easy, actually maintaining their attention is extremely difficult.

Imagine you could tell what color a button had to be, or where the title had to be in order to gain an additional one-thousand customers? Who wouldn’t want to change the color or move the title? Your website needs to be designed for optimal traffic. CRO can be used to test everything from the slightest difference, to the overall design of the entire website.

What is Google Optimize?

With all of this new technology available to us, companies like Google have created programs to do the hard work for us. Google Optimize is a program that allows companies to continually test and enhance their website performance, and the methods they use to reach their consumer base. Google Optimize has two main elements, an Editor and a Reporting suite. The two elements work cohesively to increase your rate of optimization. Both the Editor and the Reporting suite work through multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers.


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Why Google Optimize?

Unlike its competitors Google Optimize works in conjunction with Google Analytics. The information from each program is compatible with the other.  The information gathered from Google Optimize is automatically uploaded to Google Analytics, and vice versa, this convenient exchange of information across programs, makes the life of the users that much simpler. Google Optimize also works in association with Google Tag Manager. Optimize borrows the data you created in Tag Manager, in order to be the most efficient software, it saves the user the time of re-entering/ re-doing research, while simultaneously using the best data to increase the conversion rate.

Another benefit of Google Optimize, is it allows you to custom create your own metrics, assuring the most accurate data possible. This feature is available in programs such as Optimizely, however needs to be purchased separately, unlike Google Optimize which offers these multiple features under one program. This program was created for everyone, not just the tech-savvy. Google ensures their program is user friendly, and offers tutorial videos to help those who are just starting out.

Methods of Experimentation Available

Under the Editor section, Google Optimize features three methods of experimentation: A/B Testing, multivariate testing, and redirect tests.

A/B testing is a simple and quick test. It focuses on one specific difference between two versions of a website. For instance, whether the “register” button is red or green, thus creating the A version and the B version. A/B testing can also be used for three or four different versions making it, A/B/C/D testing, however the more versions there are, the longer the testing will take. In order to get an accurate set of data, each version of the website needs to have a had a certain amount of traffic.

Multivariate testing simultaneously tests multiple aspects of a web design. Although it may seem more convenient to get a large amount of data at once, it could take a significant amount of time to test all of the different variations. This test also requires a significant increase in the amount of customers needed before having a sufficient amount of data. Many small companies do not have the website traffic this would require, and many larger companies simply do not want to wait, which is why many people simply run multiple version of A/B testing.

Lastly redirect tests; these are very similar to A/B tests. Instead of substituting a design element, redirect tests compare different web pages through multiple URLs.

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Data Results

The Reporting suite is where you can access the findings and the data from your experiment. In other words, whether more people clicked on the red or the green button. The Reporting suite works in unison with Google Analytics.


Benefits of increasing your conversion rate

Google Optimize is an incredible and efficient tool that everyone should use. Every time you improve your rate optimization, the value of your company, increases. This increase in your company’s value will continue to benefit your company over an extended period of time. Google Optimize will help increase website traffic, consumer satisfaction, and the overall success of your company. Whether you are a large corporation or a small startup Google Optimize can help you.

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